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Oral Rehab. & Cosmetic Dentistry (Spain)

Graduated as Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) with distinction in Universidad de Concepcion – Chile. After more than 8 years of extensive practice in both public and own private clinic, she decided to deepen her knowledge and complete over a period of 3 years her specialization in Restorative Dentistry. During this period, she started as well to teach at a prestigious university in the country. Later on, she went back to the classroom and completed a Magister in Health Institutions.

Destiny had new adventures for her in both the personal and professional life, which took her to Europe-Spain where she found her new home. In Spain she validated her studies in the Alfonso X University of Madrid, became a member of the Madrid Dental Colleague and worked as specialist in private clinics.

Due to her husband’s work, she moved to Dubai in 2016 where she obtained her license and started a new chapter in her professional life. After working previously in a clinic where she also took the role of Medical Director, she joined Platinum Medical Centre in August 2020.

Dr. Veronica is an experienced doctor that has devoted her life to extend her knowledge and provide the most professional service to her patients. She is comfortable treating adults and kids and facing simple and challenging cases. Her latest studies have been focused on Dental Aesthetics, smile design, veneers and whitening to improve the appearance of the smile, preserving the maximum possible amount of dental tissue and maintaining its health and the natural aspect of the smile. Recently to expand her knowledge, Dr. Ramírez has completed the Master of Endodontics for daily practice at Autran Dental Academy, Madrid




Magister in Health Institutions | Master of Endodontics (Madrid)

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