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Bachelor of Health Sciences with speciality in nutrition and diet from Al-Baath University in Syria in 2016. She got a two-year training at the University Hospital in Sharjah 2017-2019, participated in the Weighing Campaign of Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi and was honoured by the Department of Organized Health Education for the campaign in 2019 and participated in the Prevention and Coexistence initiative in cooperation with health education and the Diabetes Friends Association and was supportive of the success of this initiative in 2017.

She gave a training course in Syria and worked as a lecturer at the Rawafed Center in 2016 and gave many nutrition lectures. She participated in many nutritional education activities of government departments while working at the university hospital.

She holds many certificates of development and self-development from the British and Canadian Academy Global Development Ambassadors in 2016, which makes it easier for the specialist to motivate the patient to lose weight. She participated in the health nutrition training workshop for athletes from the Abu Dhabi Sports Council

She has experience in following many medical conditions, healthily losing weight, obtaining the desired weight, and sculpting the body with the latest modern technologies. There are many cases and successful experiences of patients who followed her on her nutritional programs.


Clinical Dietician


Bachelor of Health Sciences

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