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CECSMO (France)

France PH.D. In The Sciences of Odontology Specialist Orthodontist Nantes / France 1991
Specialist Orthodontist (CECSMO: French orthodontic board) Nantes / France 1995,
Since 1991 and still in activity, Dr.Firas is Professor in orthodontics at the International center of clinical sciences of orthodontics (CISCO): PARIS / FRANCE

He participated in orthodontic trainings of a lot of dentists in all over the world: BREST/PARIS/LYON (France), YPRES (Belgium), Verona (Italy), RABAT (Morocco), ATHENE (Greece), MADRID (Spain)
Dr.Firas is orthodontics consultant in Saudi Arabia from 1999 to 2019 He is orthodontic consultant I and the UAE since 2008.

His treatment concept is derived from the bio progressive philosophy and promotes beginning of the treatment as soon as possible.This interceptive and preventive therapy aims to control functional, skeletal and dental evolution of child to avoid all the problems that can alter the normal development of dental arches, face, and the growth in general. 5000 children and 2000 adults of different nationalities had relied on his experience during his 30 years of orthodontics activity.


Specialist Orthodontist


PhD in Ortodontic France 1990 | French national board CECSMO 1995

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